So Many Years, yet the Belle Still Tolls

	The offseason for the Orioles this year has been one for the ages. With over 200 
million dollars in contracts signed, Peter Angelos and the powers that be have proven
that the time to win is now. I for one would have thought Jimmy Hoffa would miraculously
show up on Capital Hill tomorrow before the O's would have shelled out the kind of
money that Chris Davis required. The surprise has continued and it feels terrific.

	The latest proof that the time to win is now was the signing of Yovanni Gallardo this
past week. Even the surrender of the 14th draft pick wasn't enough to scare the birds away
from improving the rotation. As of today, to no surprise for many, the Orioles didn't
like something they found on Gallardo's MRI from his physical. Now the Birds are as
diligent in their physicals as Roseanne Barr was about singing in tune during the National
Anthem. Ok maybe that's not a good example, but the front office tends to be overly cautious with
the health of new players before they sign their deals. Aaron Sele, and Grant Balfour 
are just two of the names that come to mind when it comes to feeling the wrath of our doctor evaluations.
I got to thinking, Who do we have to thank for this extreme paranoia? Thankfully, I didn't 
have "For Whom the Bell Tolls" as my ring tone.

	Albert Belle is the man to thank for our new standards in physical evaluations.
After signing one of the richest contracts in Oriole History at the time, he was unable to live up
to his price a mere two years into a five year deal due to a degenerative hip condition.
Ever since that fiasco, Mr. Angelos has been beyond reluctant about opening his checkbook. 
Guys in town would have a better chance of going out on a date with Marc Trestman's
daughter than the Oriole fanbase would of hearing a high priced free agent was coming to town.

	As we can see, it's been a turn around in financial philosophy here in Charm 
City. The checkbook is starting to open a little easier. It would appear
that the medical side of the Orioles is still as stingy today as it was when the Belle 
tolled for the Front Office so many years ago. Let's just hope that this scenario leads
to a good pitcher in the rotation, and not a waste of money for the next three years.

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