With all of this Mocking, It’s hard to be Serious.

Good Evening there, fans. Sorry that I’ve been quiet here at Birds of Baltimore. Burning the wick at both ends tends to reduce creativity a bit. Luckily I’ve had some time off and we are back with a vengeance. Or it could be that it’s a very dull Tuesday evening and one can only watch Pitch Perfect 2 so many times before you start thinking you are part of the Bellas…anyway.

The NFL draft is a mere two days away, and the mock drafts continue to roll in as fast as the Presidents’ race at Nationals Park. While I’ve never claimed to be an expert in the NFL, I at least know what our boys in purple need to make a difference for the coming football season. So rather than predict what the first round will hold, because if I could do that I’d have figured out the mega millions by know, I’ll just focus on the 3-6 picks in the draft. So here comes the first ever Birds of Baltimore mock draft.

Pick 3: San Diego Chargers select, Laremy Tunsil, OL from Ole Miss: While it would be very easy for the Chargers to replace Eric Weddle with Jalen Ramsey here, the possibility to protect Phillip Rivers’s blind side with an upper echelon talent like Tunsil will be hard to pass up for the Chargers. Expect Eugene Monroe to call them and thank them for saving his job for one day.

Pick 4: Dallas Cowboys select, Ezekiel Elliot, RB from Ohio State: Most mocks seem to have the Cowboys going with either a DB or LB, but I can’t help but think Jerry Jones goes star power on offense. Elliot is already drawing comparisons to Adrian Peterson and deservedly so. Add that level of talent to an offensive line that made Demarco Murray a star, and you have a weapon that not even Tony Romo could throw away.

Pick 5: Jacksonville Jaguars select, DeForest Buckner, DL from Oregon U: I know what you’re thinking. There is no way on Earth that the Jaguars don’t take Jalen Ramsey. Normally I’d agree with you, but hear me out. The Raven and Jaguar front line both have similar levels of talent. To add a collapsing the pocket type talent of Buckner would be an absolute coup for either team. Buckner will make the secondary better with Alualu and Davis there to help make a QB’s life miserable.

Pick 6: Baltimore Ravens select, Jalen Ramsey, DB from Florida State: Ozzie and co will set a land-speed record for turning in a pick on the 28th. While some feel he isn’t worth the hype, I’m not one of those people. This kid has the size, speed, and agility to be a dominate corner or safety for a decade if the injury bug doesn’t find him. While shifty receivers like an Antonio Brown will be hard for him to keep up with, the Ravens will finally be able to shut down AJ Green with Ramsey playing centerfield or press coverage against him. Rejoice Ravens fans, we picked ourselves a winner tonight.

So there you have it folks, I may not be right, but that’s exactly why we call it a mock draft. It’s fun, interesting, and makes for great conversation. Until next time, Play Like A Raven.


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