Wilson Gives Hope to Contact

There is such a thing as bad timing. We’ve all been there. Asking someone out five minutes after they’ve been dumped. Asking for directions at 3am near Lexington Market. They all could potentially have downfalls, but we keep with them for some reason. That’s how I feel about this piece I write tonight.

There are only a few bigger Tyler Wilson supporters in Charm City than myself. Most of which are probably part of his family tree. It doesn’t take much to see why though. Unlike 68% of pitchers in Major League Baseball, Tyler does something unheard of now-a-days. He pitches to contact. His knowledge of the strike zone, coupled with the acceptance of not having overpowering stuff, leads to an impressive 2016 campaign so far. Today’s game of course being the lone exception. Rather than obsess over trying to nitpick or be too fine, Tyler trusts how good his defense is and pitches to where they are positioned. It’s a recipe that has done wonders for him.

I make mention of this because the armchair managers are already circling the team. Ubaldo Jimenez’s inconsistency has the fan base once again ready for him to find the hole in the player parking lot again. While I myself never wish for injury to happen to any player, a trip to the bullpen may be just what the doctor ordered for Ubaldo and the sanity of all of us O’s fans. The only problem being who takes his space in the rotation. Enter Chris Lee.

For those who don’t know, Chris Lee came to us from the Astros for a couple  of draft slots. He was basically deemed a bust by the Astros’ organization. One man’s trash has certainly become another man’s treasure as after a short time with our pitching coaches, Lee has become a borderline dominant starter in the minors.  He sits right now with a record of 5-0 and an ERA of a comfortable 3.32. The complaint most have about the young lefty is his lack of strike outs. I beg to differ folks, and Tyler Wilson is the reason why.

If you have a pitcher with enough talent on his pitches to get hitters out, what difference doesn it make if he is or isn’t striking those hitters out? Now don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between AA and MLB hitters and you’d like to see more movement on his pitches. I still can’t help but think Chris will be making his impact by the All-Star break if Ubaldo doesn’t get back to his first half of 2015 self.


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