After rough stretch, O’s give Promising Lefty the Call

You know those types of weeks. Work seems to be going great, and then bam surprise inspection. The roads have been easy and then whammy, the idiot who doesn’t know how to drive in the rain. Our boys in black and orange were running full steam ahead until they started their four game series in Seattle. Let’s just say for the lack of a better term, this series was like that nightmare of showing up naked to work, you just don’t want it to happen.

After another rough start, Tyler Wilson was optioned down to Triple A Norfolk. While we have seen exactly how good this young man can be, his last few starts may have shown he needs just a little more seasoning. Now of course the 50 million dollar question is who do we bring in to replace him. Don’t get your hopes up yet guys, the trade market is still taking time to develop. We went internal with this one and brought up 27 year old Cuban lefty Ariel Miranda. For those who don’t know, this is the young defector whom we signed in 2015. He would then proceed to bounce to Bowie from the Gulf Coast League in the span of one season.

This is generally not enough seasoning to make it to the bigs from the jump, which is why he started off the year in Norfolk. Triple A wasn’t to kind to the kid this year, until recently. Over the last three starts, Miranda has managed 19 innings and no runs allowed. With a decent 90-94 mph fastball and an aggressive splitter, the young lefty sounds as though he could be a breathe of fresh air into the rotation. After his quick debut out of the pen in today’s 9-4 loss, don’t be surprised to see Miranda in a start near you.


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