A Good Drive: What we Learned about the Ravens


Here we stand at the end of a hard fought battle. While it wasn’t the prettiest of Sundays for our boys in Purple, but they still managed to come away with the W. While you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, or at least one game, today showed some beautiful things in regards to how this season may go. Here’s what yours truly saw.

The Good

     1. Dean Pees is Pissed Off: It may have been the scrutiny of the fan base, or perhaps the insane amount of calls on the radio for his job, but Dean Pees showed me something huge today. The “Organized Chaos” that was on full display today has me hopeful for what is to come this year. The blitz schemes and pressure that Tyrod Taylor faced most of the afternoon was a thing of beauty. I was especially impressed with the play of Shareece Wright. He seemed to have most of the Buffalo running plays sniffed out with a litany of tackles for a loss. If more games occur like this for our defense, this will be a great season.

2. Wallace, party for 6: All we heard from the pundits when he signed here as a free agent was he’s over paid, he’s over the hill. What a difference a game makes. Joe Flacco and Mike Wallace had developed a chemistry this preseason that most had said would be a sight for sore eyes. After last seasons true lack of a deep threat, Wallace didn’t take long to make his presence felt. Mike finished the day with 3 receptions for 92 yards and one score. Lost a step my Aunt Fanny. He is going to be FUN to watch this season.

The Bad

1. We need the Doom: With Elvis Dumervil on the sidelines with a setback from surgery, Albert Mclellan was slated to start opposite Terrell Suggs. His missed sack led to a Buffalo score and seemed to have an uncharacteristic inability to set the edge. While he certainly is no Elvis  Dumervil, these missed opportunities were a surprise from the usual trusty sub of the linebacker corps.

2. How Many Penalties can we afford?: During a certain drive in the first half, it was as if the offense was sent out to perform the moonwalk and move backwards instead of try and score. Now granted, the O-line has two rookies on it’s left side, which is the first time in over 20 years that it has happened, but this can’t happen again. Especially considering that one of the calls was against Steve Smith. Hope to see an improvement next game.

The Anna Kendrick

     1. That Grill though: Was I the only one who loved Devin Hester’s mouth guard. The set of false teeth painted on it added a ferocity that the Ravens have lacked in the return game since Jacoby Jones in our Superbowl year. I look forward to seeing what the future Hall if Famer brings to the table this year.

2. 9/11: In what has become a hot button issue for some stupid reason, (I hate you Colin K), the Ravens put on a wonderful tribute to those who lost their lives on that horrific day 15 years ago. Complete with poignant words from Barack Obama, today was not a day to be taken lightly at the Bank. Kudos to the Ravens for putting  on a wonderful tribute today. I even made sure to stand in my basement as the Anthem was sung. Did any of you? Let me know in the comments.

It wasn’t pretty at times, but a win is a win in the NFL. Next week we have the Browns who appear to have lost RG3 for a while. Shame as it’s only week one, but who out there is really surprised. #Wings Up


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