Keys to the Car: Ravens vs Bills

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year. Where the cold beers are flowing, and fandoms are yelling “Brady’s a queer”. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I’m sorry it’s been so long between postings guys, but you knew I wouldn’t miss this for the world. After a rough season last year, the Purple and Black attack are back for an attempt to right any possible wrongs. Joe Flacco is returning from his first serious injury and from what we saw in the preseason, it seems as though the time away did nothing to slow him down. Add some new weapons on offense and defense, and this is a team poised for a run at the division title. It all starts Sunday against Rex Ryan and his Buffalo Bills. Here’s what we need to send them home with some wings as a consolation prize.


Three Keys to the Game:

1. Class, you’re suspended: There is no easy game within the NFL. Usually most teams don’t have half of their defensive front out on injury, or suspension. With their Pro Bowl defensive tackle Marcell Dareus and their top two draft picks on the side, Justin Forsett and company need to be utilized early and often. With no stout frame at the point of attack, Alex Lewis and Marshall Yanda will have a field day opening holes at the second level for our running backs to get through. Speaking of the second level…

2. Max in the Middle: The Bills have a notoriously stout outside perimeter. This will make Mike Wallace and the other wide outs have a little bit of a tough time. Just as mentioned above, the lack of talent being off the field as nobody gave the defensive front seven the what not to take memo will make the middle of the field a little easier to penetrate. This is where our tight ends will have a field day. Crockett Gilmore, Max Williams, and the resurgent Dennis Pitta will all have productive days against this soft front.

3. Webb and Weddle Attorneys of Safety: The safety play last season is a big part as to why so many games escaped our grasp in the last 2 minutes. With the rotating door of Matt Elam, Kendrick Lewis, and the other safeties firmly in place, big plays were only a throw away. Enter the offices of Weddle and Webb. With the ballhawk ability of Ladarius Webb, and the hit ability of Eric Weddle, our defense finally has a well patrolled centerfield. In order for us to have success, keeping the top on the offense and Sammy Watkins will be key.

So there it is Ravenatics. These things happen, we walk away with the W. Until next time, Wings Up.


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