2 Days Later: Orioles Q&A

Two days ago, all of Baltimore was abuzz with the hopes of Baseball glory. Our boys had a ticket to the dance, and all of us prayed their date would be with destiny. As we all gathered around the warm glow of our TVs with our closest Bird Brothers, Lady Luck would not join us on our quest. We all watched in horror as a sinker from Ubaldo Jiminez , who was OUR BEST PITCHER DOWN THE STRETCH, wouldn’t sink and instead would end up half way to Saskatchewan courtesy of Edwin Encarnacion and the Blue Jays.

So here we are. Two days later and the sting still hasn’t worn off. It’s like we just received our flu shot from a bar tender in Singapore. No matter what happens next, nothing is going to cure what just took place. So outside of my horrible attempt to make my readers laugh, I thought I’d offer my take on a few questions that some of my fellow lovers of BirdLand have been asking.

“How do you feel about Buck leaving Britton in the pen?”

I feel as good as you can imagine. I’m barely sleeping. I had a funeral for my jerseys as they entered my closet today. As much as it pains me to say, I understand why Buck did what he did. In the eventual occurrence that we may take a lead, who better to punch our ticket to the next round that the next Cy Young award winner? At the same time, you have to have him come in and extend that game. Leave Duensing in, and if trouble should arise, bring in Great Britton. That way if we lost after he left, we know we did everything we could.

“It’s gotta be Buck’s fault that we lost, right?”

You must be one of those folks saying Buck needs to be fired. While Buck pulled the string on the pitching decisions, he didn’t have a bat in his hands. The Blue Jays bullpen was supposed to be their weak link. The Orioles had four hits in 11 innings. None of them came after the 6th inning. This was a team loss in every sense of the word. The Offense went to sleep. The pitching went to sleep late. Buck must have been dreaming because he never went to the closer. The blame goes all around.

“How many Kleenex have you used since Tuesday night?”

I now have stock options with the company. This one hurt.

“Will the Orioles resign Trumbo and Wieters?”

These will be two very tough contracts to gage. Trumbo had the time of his life here in the Orange and Black. His persona fits the mold of the clubhouse, and having that much power turns OPACY into a bandbox. With this lineup and the protection he had, there is no question he’d be wise to stay here. It all comes down to how much the Birds are willing to pay for their full time DH. One also has to consider Trey Mancini. Can the kid get a fair break with Trumbo signed long term? We’ve seen what he can do against lefties. The question is could he duplicate anything close to what he has in the minors. Noo matter what happens, if Trumbo cuts the Birds a slight discount, I could see him staying for at minimum a 3 year deal worth about 36-45 million.

Matt Wieters is a completely different horse of a significantly different color. We were somewhat wise to offer him the qualifying deal that we did. That may not be the same this offseason as the QO should increase to about 16.5 million for aa one year deal. The question will be of course do the Orioles feel he is worth that kind of cash, or do they think they can extend him for a few years until Chance Sisco is ready defensively to take over. Keep in mind that Scott Boras is his agent. ANYTHING is possible with Boras involved.r

“How do you feel about Kim K being robbed?”

See “Who gives a rats patoot?”

“What would you do if you were Iron Man?”

I’d carry a boombox around playing the song by Black Sabbath. Then I would make the world safe for all of us.

“What would you do if you were Dan Duquette?”

The man thing this team needs is a new identity. Having seven of the nine spots in the order filled by free swinging mashers doesn’t work in this league. There is a severe need for OBP maniacs. Guys who can work the count and get on base ahead of our murderer’s row. For example, put Kim and a Kevin Kiermaier type one two in our lineup ahead of Manny, Adam, Crush, and Schoop would do wonders for our potential to manufacture runs. That was one of the most crucial things we were missing this season. When our offense went into the funk it did from July to August, they’re inability to move runners over or just shorten a swing and settle for a single was debilitating. Our guys have to get out of the free swinging mode and work more counts if they want a repeat of this season’s success. So to answer, I’d get us some more contact type hitters, another starter, and maybe another power arm for the pen if Tommy Hunter leaves.

“Can you predict next season as closely as you did this one?”

When February 27th comes around, ask me then.


Well folks I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing this. I’ll try to do this once in a while just for a laugh. Thanks for stopping by.


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